FTN/IRTG-CRC1080 Teaching Committee

The Teaching Committee of the FTN/IRTG CRC1080 program is selecting and organizing the progress of MD-PhD/PhD-students in our Neurosciences fellowship program at the Universities of Mainz and Frankfurt.

The committee meets every 1st. Tuesday/month and evaluates the candidates in interviews and progress reports.
The Teaching Committee consists of the following members:

Thomas Mittmann, Chair
Inst. Physiology, UM Mainz
Amparo Acker-Palmer
Cell Biology, GU Frankfurt
Eva-Maria Albers
Dept. Mol. Cell Biology, JGU Mainz
Albrecht Clement
Inst. Pathobiochem., UM Mainz
Carsten Duch
Inst. Developmental Biology and Neurobiology, JGU Mainz
Jasmin Hefendehl
Cell Biology, GU Frankfurt
Axel Methner
Clinic of Neurology, UM Mainz
Michael Schäfer
Clinic of Anaesthesiology, UM Mainz
Albrecht Stroh
Inst. of Pathophysiology, UM Mainz


Gabi Lahner
Admin. Frankfurt
Daniela Liegel-Seitz
Admin. Mainz